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Ibiza in 3 days

If this is your first time on the White Island or if this time you're only coming over for 72 hours, read about what to see in Ibiza in 3 days and make the most of your summer getaway. Beaches, beach bars, sunset, parties, amazing food: Everything you need!

Our boutique hotel in San Antonio is a fabulous starting point for a 3-day itinerary full of fantastic plans in Ibiza. Why? Because of its privileged location, because it’s one of the must-visits for fans of Balearic Sound and because it provides you with the rest you need after a day out and about in Ibiza.

are 3 days in Ibiza enough?

You can never get enough of Ibiza. That’s for sure. If you fall in love with the most seductive island in the Med, you’ll always want more. But it’s true that in three days you can explore and experience a lot, depending on the plans you want: water sports and sailing, parties and nightlife, relaxing coves and beaches with crystal-clear waters, food experiences, routes through quaint villages... As usual, it all depends on the time you spend on each plan and the type of traveller you are: do you mark all the places you've seen on the map or do you go with the flow and let fate guide you?

Whatever’s your thing, Ibiza makes it easy: because it’s size makes it perfect to get from one end of the island to another in under an hour. This will allow you to explore the coves on the northern coast in the morning, go shopping in Santa Gertrudis, watch the sunset from San Antonio, go for dinner on one of the streets in La Marina, in the city of Ibiza, and enjoy the famous parties thrown by the most popular nightclubs in the city or only a few miles away. All this in only one day! You set the limit depending on the energy you’ve brought over to the island.

T ibiza 3 dias la torreHostal La Torre, a perfect starting pont for a 3-day getaway in Ibiza. © NC / Hostal La Torre

What to see in Ibiza in 3 days: coves, visits and sunsets

We don’t know if this is your first time, or if you’re returning to Ibiza, so our proposals to see Ibiza in 72h includes alternatives to the recommended must-sees, so that you can leave out the visits for first-timers.

Day 1: San Antonio and its surrounding area

The western coast of Ibiza boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the island and they’re all only a few minutes’ drive from Hostal La Torre: Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta (two connecting coves), Cala Bassa and Platges de Comte

In the morning
Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta are two connecting coves that are breathtaking and you get there by taxi or following the coastal walk that passes by our hotel. After enjoying their turquoise waters, we suggest you stop at Cala Gracioneta and Cala Gració, another two neighbouring coves where you can eat Mediterranean food at their beach bars.

In the afternoon
Go to Cala Bassa, a beautiful natural pool to swim among tiny fish until late afternoon, as that’s when you should head over to Platges de Comte to admire the sunset.

In the evening
The first night, after the day’s itinerary, we suggest you have dinner and drinks around San Antonio, like maybe at one of the most charming restaurants in the bay: Villa Mercedes. And if you still have energy for more, check the clubs’ events calendars and go to the party you like the best: Every day is different depending on the resident DJ!

Alternatives to these must-sees
Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta: Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta
Cala Bassa Cala Tarida
Platges de Comte Port des Torrent

T ibiza 3 days saladetaCala Saladeta is one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza. © NC / HLT

Day 2: southern Ibiza, from east to west

During your 3 days in Ibiza, you won’t want to miss the southern coast of the island, where you’ll find places to discover or revisit.

In the morning and afternoon
The first stop is Cala d´Hort, another beach in Ibiza that’s famous for its view of Es Vedrà islet. It’s best if you don't change the order and leave it for last, as the islet is just as pretty in the afternoon but it’s much quieter during the morning. After spending the morning on this beautiful cove, you can have lunch at one of its two restaurants (El Carmen or Cala d’Hort) or have it on Ses Salines beach, which is known for its crystal-clear waters and its beach bars, popular among celebrities.

In the evening
Late afternoon, go over to San Antonio to visit its church, an excellent sample of a fortified church; go for a walk along the bay and wait for Ibiza’s famous sunset from one of the cafés on the promenade, like Café Mambo, or go to Hostal La Torre to see the sunset from our terrace while you sip a cocktail and relish our fantastic food.

Alternatives to these must-sees
Cala d´Hort Cala Molí
Playa de Ses Salines Es Cavallet

T faqs torre atardecerA dinner with a view at Hostal La Torre. © HTL

Day 3: northern Ibiza, the quiet part of the island

For the last day, make the most of your remaining time on the island. We suggest a packed plan which you can adapt depending on your interests.

In the morning
If you like Ibizan architecture, don’t miss Santa Eulària des Riu during your 3-day break in Ibiza. There you’ll find the collection of historic buildings called Puig d’en Valls. After this, we suggest you have a coffee in Sant Carles and go for a refreshing swim in Aigües Blanques, a long narrow beach with cliffs as a backdrop. At lunchtime, go see Cala Sant Vicent, where you’ll find several restaurants, like On the Beach (if you fancy a hamburgers) or Can Gat (for Ibizan food).

In the afternoon
Go to Cala Benirrás, one of the most stunning beaches in Ibiza. Enjoy its hippy vibe and the beautiful setting. You can stay there to watch the sunset or head over to San Antonio to reboost your energy with a rest and a shower in your room at Hostal La Torre, before going to the city of Ibiza, with its narrow Medieval streets in Dalt Vila (the old part of the city) and its shops, restaurants and terraces in La Marina district.

Alternatives to these must-sees
Santa Eulària des Riu Santa Gertrudis
Aigües Blanques Es Figueral
Cala Benirrás Cala Xarraca
Dalt Vila: there’s no alternative to this. Go back!

T ibiza 3 days visitsIf you like Ibizan architecture, don’t miss Santa Eulària des Riu. © NC / HLT

Main picture: Es Vedrà. © NC for HTL

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