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Ibiza or Formentera: Which is the one for you?

If you haven’t yet been to Ibiza or Formentera, you may be wondering which of these two beautiful islands you’ll like more for a short break or the coming summer holidays. Read on and find out where to go depending on what you want to do on your holiday.

There’s only 12 nautical miles between Ibiza and Formentera, which is just over 30 minutes by ferry. Despite being so close to each other, each has its own character and pros and cons, differences that become even more noticeable during the off-peak season.


There’s only one answer: it depends. This may not sound very helpful, but you’ll only know which of the two islands is best for your break if we compare Ibiza to Formentera based on different interests and circumstances. Bear with us. By the time you've finished this post, you’ll know where to spend your next holidays.


If we compare them in terms of nightlife, Ibiza wins with its huge variety. And not only for the amount of nightclubs (Hï, Ushuaïa, Pacha, Amnesia...) but also for its bars, beach bars, terraces and cafés, and of course the vast variety of restaurants And if you’re thinking about doing exercise on the beach, Ibiza offers many options and stunning spots to enjoy your favourite water sports. You can do stand up paddle, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, SUP yoga, windsurf and sailing, like in Formentera, but in Ibiza you can also do jet ski, water ski, seabob, flyboard, jet surf, kite surf, parasailing... But if your thing is relaxing on a sun lounger, calm swims, food and winding down, then either island will be great.

T ibiza formentera funIbiza it is a great option for relax and party.

Which has more places to visit?

Ibiza, no doubt about it. Formentera invites you to visit its beaches, the village of Sant Francesc Xavier, the lighthouses of La Mola and Cap Barbaria, the street market of La Mola and that’s about it. Remember that Formentera is a pretty small island of only 83 Km2 in total. It’s longest road is not even 20 Km long. If you want to roam about the island, explore villages, visit the old part of the city declared World Heritage and get as far as possible, choose Ibiza.

Which island has the most beautiful beaches?

Illetes beach in Formentera pops up on every summer list of the most beautiful beaches in the world published by well-known magazines and international outlets, while Ibiza hasn’t yet made it. It may be small, but Formentera boasts breathtaking unspoiled and barely unspoiled beaches and some of them are relatively quiet even in July and August. But this doesn’t mean that Ibiza’s beaches aren’t as beautiful. The island has over 50 coves and beaches, most of them with crystal-clear waters and many have no buildings or practically any. Like for example Cala Gracioneta, Punta Galera or Cala Saladaand Cala Saladeta, all of them near Hostal La Torre. Or Cala Bassa, Platges de Comte, Cala d´Hort, Cala Benirrás and Ses Salines, five of the most famous unspoiled beaches in Ibiza that have earned their fame with their amazing beauty.

T formentera illetesIlletes beach, with Ibiza and Es Vedrà in the background. © NC / Hostal La Torre

where's the food best?

Both Ibiza and Formentera offer traditional and modern Mediterranean dishes that are well-know for the excellent food quality. But Ibiza has developed a much broader variety that also includes a wide choice of alternative restaurants, like Japanese, vegetarian, international, Peruvian, Italian, French, Lebanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, fusion... And three Michelin-Star restaurants: Es Tragón, only a few metres away from Hostal La Torre; La Gaia, in Ibiza; and Etxeko Ibiza, in Cala Nova. So if food is one of your top holiday pleasures and you like variety, Ibiza is your best bet.

¿Cuál de las dos islas es más cosmopolita?

Ambas islas reciben viajeros de toda Europa y otros rincones del mundo, siendo Ibiza destino preferido de neerlandeses, españoles, británicos, italianos, belgas y alemanes, principalmente, mientras que las nacionalidades predominantes en Formentera son la española y la italiana, con porcentajes menores de visitantes alemanes, franceses e ingleses. Eso sí, y según datos de Barómetro de Satisfacción Turística 2022 realizado por el Observatorio de Datos de Formentera, el 40 % de los viajeros que llegan a pasar unos días a Formentera son pareja, por lo que Formentera puede ser una buena opción para una escapada romántica.

Which is the best island if I’m looking for a charming hotel?

Given its size, Formentera has far fewer hotels. In the summer, it’s really hard to get a room, especially if you’re only staying for 2 or 3 nights. This is why it’s much easier to stay in Ibiza, with a much wider offer, ranging from old country houses turned into hedonistic havens to charming boutique hotels with a sea view as Hostal La Torre.

T gastro route hostal torreEn Hostal La Torre, la gastronomía también tiene protagonismo.

What’s best for Easter? Ibiza or Formentera?

Once again, the answer is: it depends. When Easter is mid-April, there’s more chances of Formentera’s restaurants and hotels being open. The same goes for Ibiza. But if the Easter holidays are earlier, in March, then the White Island is the better option, as it has more restaurants and hotels open all year round, at Easter too. Some places to eat in Ibiza, for instance, are Can Pujol, Sa Caleta, Bar San Juan, Bar Costa, Can Alfredo, Es Rebots de Can Prats, Es Nàutic, Port Balansat, Can Pilot, Ca’s Pagès, Tropicana, Wild Beets, Hostal La Torre, La Cava Ibiza, La Escollera...

And what about winter? Which is the best island then?

If you’re thinking about a break between November and March, the answer is Ibiza, where you can visit museums, go to food events and local fiestas, go hiking or bike riding, go to weekend workshops, enjoy a romantic getaway... Formentera also has pleasant walks, but the number of hotels and restaurants that remain open during the off-peak season drops dramatically.

T ibiza formentera hotel boutiqueWe are open 365 days a year.

Main photo: Formentera with Ibiza on the horizon.

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