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A cup of coffee with... Be.Lanuit

Sunsets from Hostal La Torre are unique because of the views, our delicious food and cocktails and, especially, because of the music mixed by our resident Djs inspired by the setting. And Be.Lanuit is one of them. With over 35 years’ experience, he feeds on jazz, soul, world, disco and Balearic Sound music to mix sets full of magic.

Born in Albacete, this Spanish DJ is in love with Ibiza and Mexico and combines his life on the island with ABSENTA, his monthly sessions at the Berlín Club Madrid, and other gigs in the Spanish capital. Also, during his career he’s produced for several record labels including Sol Selectas, SONAR KOLLEKTIV, NuNorthern Soul and Soundway Records, and he’s recently added the Danish label Music For Dreams to this list, as they’ll be launching his new album this year. Today we’re meeting up for a coffee and a chat about Hostal La Torre, Ibiza and his music.

Be.lanuit and Hostal La Torre

What do you think Hostal La Torre sounds like? The island of Ibiza. In fact, La Torre for me is the place that still offers real Balearic Sound and spreads it across the world.

What inspires your sessions for Hostal La Torre? The Mediterranean sea. Seagulls flying and waves fading into the sand or crashing against rocks. Morning or evening dew. The scent of plants on the island, the green hues of its pine and juniper trees, its white houses, farmland... The shades of the sky as the sun sets, smiles, the tinkling of a teaspoon against a cup and ice cracking as it comes into contact with a freshly shaken cocktail.

When you’re at the turntables, do you prefer the intimacy of La Torre’s sessions, where the audience has its eyes fixed on the horizon or the direct connection in clubs where the audience is looking straight at you? Each place has its charm. At the end of the day, what I love about the different places I work at is being able to move people with my choice of music. When people are staring at the sea watching the sunset, I can tell they are deeply moved by the music. Many even come to see me at the end and congratulate me with tears in the eyes. If I’m at a club, I can sense their energy, excitement and ecstasy through their movements and looks.

Are there any specific songs you think about when you’re at Hostal La Torre? So many! But there’s one that’s very special to me. “La Forma Del Tiempo ll” by Vinicio Adames.

Music aside, what’s your favourite cocktail or dish at La Torre? I don’t drink alcohol, but Marta makes me an amazing mocktail with ginger and fruit. I love the food: I absolutely love the sea bass!

T djs belanuit sunsetHostal La Torre. © GM

Be.lanuit and Ibiza

When did you come for the first time? It was 1988. I fell in love with Ibiza and returned in 1997 to stay for 5 years. Then I moved to Madrid and came back 20 years later to stay for good.

Did you stay for the music or the island? At first it was for the music, but now it’s also for its nature, deep-rooted traditions, history... I want to be part of the island and continue to make history. Especially a better history that will not lead to decadence.

If you weren’t living in Ibiza, where would you live? I love Mexico. I lived there for 5 years and felt at home.

What’s your favourite spot on the island? My home. It’s in a beautiful valley in the San Agustín area.

And your favourite beach? All of them, but during the off-season and/or at dusk. I especially like Cala Gracioneta, Punta Galera… Uff… So many, to be honest.

What’s the restaurant you always take visiting friends to? I love Ibiza’s food. I’ll take them to Cala Gracioneta, Can Pau, Reart, Pou Des Lleo, Hambre, Overall, La Paloma… Oh! And to the best speciality coffee shop and bakery: Pantastic. You must try it!

Your favourite place in Ibiza during the winter is... Everywhere on the island is amazing in the winter because there’s no crowds, but I especially like walking on the beach in Cala d’Albarca, through Dalt Vila and Puig de Missa and any other spot on the island, as they’re all magical..

Ibiza in the daytime or at night? Each moment has its own magic, but I’ve lately become more of a day person.

Let’s do an acrostic. Say whatever comes to mind about Ibiza choosing a word in each case that starts with or has...

Inspiración (inspiration)
Brisa (breeze)
Isla (island)
Zambullida (dive)
Azul (blue)

T cala gracioneta 750Cala Gracioneta. © GM

Be.lanuit and music

Winter is a good time to reset and create. Can you talk to us about your new solo album? Living in Ibiza gives me more time to focus on music production, inspired by the calmness and beauty of the island in the winter. I’m recording an album for the MUSIC FOR DREAMS label on the island, in Copenhagen and in Madrid, working with a fantastic line-up of artists in each place.

What’s the la2serpientes project about? This is a project I run with my business partner and friend Andrea Kamenar. He’s an architect, interior and product designer and a DJ too. For this project we get together to do DJ gigs with live African music and performances. But we’re also producing two songs with our colleague Akin Sola, a Nigerian musician born in Lagos who now lives in Madrid.

World music, jazz, soul or disco: Do you have a favourite type at the turntables? There’s times when I prefer one style over another, but in the end I always mix all those styles in my sessions. It also depends on where I’m playing.

What’s harder, creating a new song or creating new emotions through other people’s creations? The hardest part is making decisions, and it sometimes depends on how inspired one is. I usually play in beautiful spaces in spectacular settings and with a great audience. So it’s pretty easy to be inspired ;-) As for creating music, I make the most of my time in the studio to do things. If I’m inspired, I’ll compose, record or edit. If I’m not, I spend my time on more technical tasks.

T djs belanuit 2Be.lanuit at Hostal La Torre. © Angel Camarena / HLT
Is there a specific song you're obsessed with? One you keep listening to year after year? I don’t really get obsessed with music. In fact, I usually get tired of playing or listening to a same song pretty fast, so I’m always looking for new music to avoid repeating myself. But there are a few songs I do always have with me, like “The Mystery of Man” by Sarah Vaughan.

Which song do like to include in a set to kick off the weekend? I don’t have a special song for this, but as you’ve asked, I’ll have a go: “Weekend Run” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

And for a hangover day, you’d play... Hangover days are interesting because I’m feeling very sensitive. Today is one of those days, so here’s my proposal, LOL: “Ruby” by Ali Farka Touré & Tourmani Diables.

Apart from music, you’re also into fashion projects. Do you design clothes, make them or do you support fashion projects? Where can we buy your creations? In the midst of the pandemic, I thought that it was time to do other things besides music, as DJ gigs were out of the question. I told a friend I’ve known for years who lives in Ibiza. She’s a designer and pattern maker and is amazing with a needle. I merely give her ideas and we work together on that idea. We create the prototype and, if it works, we make more pieces, but very few. This project focuses on clothes made with top-quality materials, sustainable fabrics and handmade at home with a sewing machine. We don’t make many because she’s the one who sews everything herself, so each piece is a one-off. It’s a unisex, oversize range inspired in farming clothes from Japan and Ibiza, which I find have similar lines and cuts.

T djs belanuit 3We are waiting for you at Hostal La Torre. © Luanda Lopes / HLT

Main picture: © Angel Camarena

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